Friends are friends forever together ’till the end.
You promised me that you would always be my friend.
One day something changed I’m not sure what it was.
I lost you on that day and the reason was because
it was a late dark night and we had a stupid fight.
And for some reason, I don’t know why, we couldn’t make it right.


I hope you’re fine. I CAN’T WAIT to see you, especially after six years. I’m going to tell you what I INTEND TO do during the Summer holidays.
The first and second weeks IN July, I’ll work AT A RECREATION GROUND. ON July 16, I’ll SIT FOR AN APPRAISAL. PRESENTLY, I have no plan for the LAST TWO weeks IN July.
In August, I’ll sign a TWO WEEKS’ WORK CONTRACT.
DURING the LAST TWO weeks, I INTEND TO SPEND ONE week-end AT the seaSIDE and HAVE FUN.
I’VE ONLY GOT TO PLAN an appointment with you.


Do not blame you, if you still love her as before,
If you still think of her so often.
Your heart floats in the fog
Your eyes cry, no longer to see her.
Do not blame you. It’s so hard to start over.
Do not try to forget.
Do not blame you, if some nights
You put your mask cockroach.
Do not blame you, if you still talk to me about her,
I know she was your only happiness that you love her.
She was your love, your story
She sticks in your memory.
Do not blame you, it takes time to start over,
To avoid to live with this wonderful past.
It will take time for this love,
That you build day by day.
Do not blame you, if in me, you no longer see her.
I imagine that at your eyes, she was very beautiful.
I am: pencil of your story
Smile on your  too dark.


Many of my friends have come from the clouds

With sun and rain for only luggage,
They have made the season of sincere friendships,
The most beautiful season of the earth.
They have the sweetness of the finest landscapes
And the fidelity of birds of passage,
In their hearts is engraved an unending tenderness
But sometimes in they eyes comes sadness
Then, they come to get warm in my home
And you too, you’ll come.
You’ll can get away in the midst of the clouds
And smile again to a lot of new faces
You’ll be able to give a bit of tenderness
When an other will will hide you his sadness.
As we do not know the things that life give
It may be that one time I’d be no one
If a friend keeps being and understands me
I’ll forget in one time my tears and my pains,
Then, maybe will I go by your home,
To warm my heart near to your wood.


I hope you`ll find yourself alone,
that`s your hearts not only stone.
I wish you a life with a sunny heart,
not damned to live apart.
I had seen in the expanse of your eyes,
love, pain, knowledge and perhaps lies.
Lies against yourself, about your native being,
that nothing can hurt you, not one thing.
I hope with wide open heart and soul,
you`ll reach your biggest goal…
The time will come,i know it.
Have patience, a little bit…


I can tell when you, my friend, are not feeling well.


Even when you are far away
or have been hiding from me today.
A message of a special of  a special kindl
is sent to my telepathic mind.
I cannot save you from turbulences,
cannot tear down all the fences.
But I can charge up your battery,
give you some of my energy –
can stand right next to you
to help you through.
I will give you a hug,
infect you with the love bug
and the strength it brings
to give your soul wings.
It will ease your pain,
save you from more restrain.
Rest safely in my arm,
away from any harm.
Take a moment to relax
Let me carry you in my tracks.
So please, just let me know
when you are feeling low.
And when I have a time like this –
give ME a friendly hug and kiss.
Turn around and come to me
to restore MY energy.
Be what I am to you:
A friend, caring and true.


Life is a journey of countless sub-destinations
It’s in stages and phases
Life is a function of time a subset of different season
Wet, dry, winter, spring, or summer
Each is experienced one at a time
Life continues as a journey
When the journey is far
I am empowered to keep moving
When every thing seems locked up and become tiring
I received encouragement never to look down but keep focusing
When the sun is at its peak
I am hopeful there is a shade ahead to hide my head
When it’s stormy, heavily rainy or snowy
I know with an assurance
That the house ahead will take me in
Just in a land of different culture and lingual codes
I feel at home because I have a friend that knows, trusts, and believes in me
He is the reason I’m encouraged and the source of my strength
He is the house and home that take me in
He is my beautiful angel sent from above
I bless the heaven for the friend in you


Like a safe isle
within rough sea
your encouraging smile
is to me
refuge from loneliness.
Every moment anew
– prepared for bearing –
when I glance at you
I see you caring.
Refuge from loneliness.